Curriculum Intent for History 

Curriculum Aims

Across our three schools, we want children to:  

  • Develop an appreciation of the history of their nation and of their place within it.  
  • Develop their understanding of how we know about the past (via artefacts and sources for example). 
  • We aim for children to be begin to evaluate historical evidence, assess what it can teach us and begin to understand how this evidence can be interpreted in different ways as this ability is useful within history and has a wide range of applications in the world beyond.  


How does this subject develop spirituality? 

  • Developing awe and wonder (e.g by considering how far back in time the Stone Age stretches or through the use of historical artefacts).  
  • Working with others to consider and reflect upon artefacts and sources and what they can tell us. 
  • Asking questions about the past in order to better understand the time in question, the present and ourselves. 

Assessment in this subject is carried out across the unit of learning. It involves questioning and observations by staff as well as children’s self-assessment. Children are given time and encouragement to celebrate successes, as well as think, respond and consider how they would improve next time.   

We consider a final assessment at the end of the unit of learning, against the intended learning outcomes. These are uploaded to our shared file to inform planning by teachers and subject leaders.   


Please see below for our current curriculum map:

History Curriculum Nov 2022

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