Curriculum Aims 

Across our three schools, we want children to:  

  • Embrace the national vision for Computing and have access to a curriculum which is ‘balanced and broadly based’.  
  • Our aim is to produce learners who are confident, perceptive and effective users of technology. 
  • We want our pupils to have a good understanding of computers and how computer systems work, and how they are designed and programmed. 
  • Our aim is to provide structured lessons across the term as roughly one lesson per week; however, class teachers have flexibility to ‘block’ groups of lessons if appropriate. 
  • We believe in supporting all children using technology with purpose as well as enjoyment. 
  • We aim to help all children to achieve the highest possible standards of achievements. 

How does this subject develop spirituality? 

  • Children are given a variety of exciting opportunities to express themselves through coding & programming, creating media and collecting data. They develop ideas and present these in a range of formats using information technology.  
  • Children are encouraged to be responsible and safe while using the internet, being mindful of themselves and others.  


Assessment in this subject is carried out across the unit of learning. It involves questioning and observations by staff as well as children’s self-assessment. Children are given time and encouragement to celebrate successes, as well as think, respond and consider how they would improve next time.   

We consider a final assessment at the end of the unit of learning, against the intended learning outcomes. These are uploaded to our shared file to inform planning by teachers and subject leaders.  

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Curriculum Journey


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