As both academies are small we are delighted to be working in close partnership as we are able to share staff expertise and resources effectively.  We have one executive head teacher and currently three heads of school shared across the two sites. We also share subject lead responsibilities across – details below:

Executive Head Teacher

Mrs Heather Brand

Health and Safety

Child Protection and Safeguarding


Educational Visits



Head of School

Mrs Maria Adcock


Children Looked After


Head of School

Mrs Leanne Munro

EYFS+Key Stage 1



Head of School

Mrs Mim Barnes

Key Stage 2



Maths Leader – Miss Polly Church                           

RE (+Collective Worship) – Mrs Ruth Sherwood

Science Leader – Mrs Ruth Sherwood

PE leader – Mr Miles Muttitt and Mrs Wendy Green

Music leader – Mr Hugh Stanners

Languages Leader – Mrs Wendy Green

Computing Leader – Miss Emily Harris


Teaching and learning in each academy is currently organised as follows:



Four mixed age classes:

Robin (R) = Emily Harris supported by Clare Lambert + Charlotte Gotts

Woodpecker (1,2) = Maria Adcock supported by Tori Casbolt, Charlotte Gotts + Kirsty Hadingham

Barn Owls (3,4)  = Lottie Campbell supported by Dorcas Franklyn-Bray + Claire Bradford

Golden Eagles (5,6) = Claire Lythell and Ian Goodyer supported by Claire Bradford and Anna Woodrow

Matthew Barbrook = 1day a week PE



Three mixed age classes:

Skylark (R, 1, 2) = Leanne Munro supported by Jenny Keely+Clare Flack

Mallard (3,4) = Gemma Harvey supported by Anna Pipe (Claire Warnes+Miles Muttitt ppa)

Swan (5,6) = Ruth Sherwood(3days) and Polly Church(2days) supported by Claire Warnes

Miles Muttitt = 1day a week PE