Aims and Values


How we teach our values

Through PATHs, P.S.H.E. and Citizenship we aim to “give pupils the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead confident, healthy, independent lives and to become informed, active responsible citizens.”  The subject forms part of the timetable but is also included in all other subjects within the curriculum. We aim to link this work to the ‘value’ we are exploring as part of our collective worship (we explore a different Christian value each half term).  

Kingfisher Academy provides a broad and rich Curriculum which it strives to closely match to the needs, interests and life goals of the children its serves. Our integrated approach to PSHE and Citizenship provides pupils with a range of opportunities to develop the attitudes and skills which will enable them to grow into happy young adults with great self-belief and integrity who will make a positive contribution to society.

Our school policies including our behaviour management system sets clear guidelines as to pupils expected standards of behaviour in and outside lessons

There are an array of extra curricular clubs at both academies as well as day and residential trips which reinforce the learning taking place in the classroom and maximise opportunities for pupils to find something they excel at; thus improving self-esteem, raising aspirations and acting as a powerful incentive for pupils to work hard to reach their life goal

Whole school events such as church services, European Day of languages, safer internet day, shared learning workshops between the partnership bring the whole academy/partnership community together and provide a memorable and meaningful context within which pupils can live their school’s values

The school promotes Democracy and encourages parental feedback at parents Evening and through surveys. In addition, Pupil Voice is becoming a strong feature of the school with an array of opportunities for pupils to influence the decisions that affect them.   This is done either directly with pupils taking part in surveys for providing feedback, as well as expressing their views indirectly through elected representatives such as  School Councillors; the election of which provide pupils with first-hand experience of the democratic process.

Pupils are encouraged to represent their school in a range of local sporting tournaments (hockey, basketball, athletics, netball, tennis, gymnastics).

The academies support a range of charities with money raised so far this year for the Royal British Legion, Children in Need.

The academies have good links with the local communities (parents, church, local charities)