DNEAT Governor Recruitment leaflet – final

Election of Parent Governor for the Kingfisher Partnership

DNEAT Parent Governor Vacancy

We are delighted to be working with the Diocese of Norwich Education and Academies Trust as Governors for Ditchingham Church of England Primary Academy and Gillingham St Michael’s Church of England Primary Academy. Between us we have a range of governance experience which we hope will enable me to strengthen the Governing Body.

A brief description of the role of a governor. In all types of school, governing bodies should have a strong focus on three core strategic functions:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  2. Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils; and
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

We are keen to ensure that our focus remains on promoting and securing the best possible opportunities and outcome for every pupil in the school whilst retaining our individuality as a member of a multi academy trust. We would be delighted to hear from you if you share our commitment in helping every pupil to reach their full potential and therefore may be interested in serving on our governing body.

Please do contact us via either school office if you would like any further information or have any queries at any point and any of us would be delighted to meet with you.

Gillingham =
Ditchingham =

Scheme of Delegation 2017-2018 – Kingfisher Partnership

Current Membership:

  • Mrs J’Anne Robertson – Chair, Safeguarding, SEND, Data Protection, Admin
  • Reverend Reginald Kirkpatrick – Vice Chair, Looked After Children, Pupil Premium
  • Mrs Clare Seppings – Pupil Premium, Link, Resources Chair
  • Mrs Maria Adcock – Staff Governor
  • Miss Bridget Keeble – Parent Governor, Health & Safety, PE & Sports Premium, Website Compliance
  • Mrs Lucille Reed – Parent Governor, Curriculum & Standards Chair, Reading
  • Mrs Heather Brand – Headteacher
  • Mrs Andrea Ryan – Clerk, Admin
  • Mr William Carson
  • Mrs Melanie Harrison – Reading
  • Reverend Julie Oddy-Bates (Associate Governor)
  • Reverend Chriss Hutton (Associate Governor)




Name Term of Office Appointed By Business and Pecuniary Committee Individual Attendance
  From To   Interests Membership Responsibility 2017/18
Maria Adcock 11.01.17 10.01.21 Staff

Employed by Kingfisher Partnership

Governor: St Mary’s Junior School, Norwich

Curriculum & Standards

Ethos Working Group

Heather Brand N/A N/A Ex Officio

Employed by Kingfisher Partnership

Governor: Harleston CofE Primary School

Curriculum & Standards


Strategic & HR

Ethos Working Group

Executive Headteacher 15/15
William Carson 01.02.18 31.01.22 Trust  

Curriculum & Standards

Head’s Performance

Bridget Keeble 23.11.15 22.11.19 Parents   Resources

Health & Safety

PE & Sports Premium

Website Compliance

Reg Kirkpatrick 01.02.14 31.01.19 Trust

Minister in Earsham Benefice

Employed by Rosedale Funeral Home

Trustee: Ditchingham United Charities


Ethos Working Group

Vice Chair

RE & Ethos


Kevin Pennington 04.06.18 03.06.22 Trust   Resources Committee Chair 1/1
Lucille Reed 20.06.16 19.06.20 Trust  

Curriculum & Standards

Strategic & HR

Head’s Performance

Vice Chair

Committee Chair


J’Anne Robertson 01.09.16 31.08.20 Trust

Employed as Governor Improvement Associate

Membership: VOICE & Diocesan Board of Education Norwich

Governor: Chair of Saxlingham Nethergate CE Primary and

The Saints Federation

Curriculum & Standards


Strategic & HR

Head’s Performance




Statutory Grants

Data Protection

Andrea Ryan N/A N/A LGB


Interim Executive Board of Warren School

DNEAT MAT Statutory Panels

& Trust Board Cover

DNEAT LGBs (Kingfisher Partnership, Moorlands Primary & Bishop’s Primary)

Poplars Primary Academy, Lowestoft

REAch2 East Anglia Regional Board

REAch2 LGBs (Gunton, Phoenix, St Margaret’s & The Limes)

Trust Board Consortium MAT & Statutory Panels

St Benet’s MAT Statutory Panels

& Trust Board Cover

Redcastle Family School

  Clerk 15/15
Clare Seppings 10.03.15 31.8.18 Trust

Director: W J Seppings Ltd

Owner: Clare Seppings Massage

Trustee: Bungay Grammar School Trust & Stockton Town Estates

Member: Federation of Holistic Therapists


Ethos Working Group

Strategic & HR

Head’s Performance

Vice Chair 12/12
Charlotte Todd 30.11.18 29.11.22 Parents   Ethos Working Group   N/A

Statutory Panels – Membership from DNEAT academies when required.


Annual Governance Statement for the Governing Body of The Kingfisher Partnership Schools: Gillingham St. Michael’s C of E Primary Academy and Ditchingham C of E Primary Academy

Annual Governance Statement for the Governing Body of The Kingfisher Partnership Schools:  Gillingham St. Michael’s C of E Primary Academy and Ditchingham C of E Primary Academy

September 2016


In accordance with the Government’s requirement for all governing bodies, the 3 core strategic functions of The Kingfisher Partnership Primary Academies Governing Body are:

1.     Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;

2.    Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the schools and their pupils;

3.    Overseeing the financial performance of the partnership and making sure its money is well spent.






Academy governing bodies are called ‘Local’ as there is a Multi Academy Trust above this.

Governance arrangements

The Governing Body of Gillingham and Ditchingham Primary Academies is made up of 2 staff governors (including the Headteacher), 2 elected parent governors, 6 trust governors and 3 associate governors.  We are called The Kingfisher Partnership of Church Schools (KP).  We have two new Trust Governors appointed since June. The Local Governing Body (LGB) meets six times a year, and we also have a number of committees to consider different aspects of the school in detail.  We have a resources committee, which focuses on finance, premises and some personnel matters; a curriculum and standards committee; a strategic and human resources (HR) committee and an ethos working party.  We also have committees that meet if required to consider pupil discipline and staffing matters.

See page 3 for a list of Governors.

Attendance record of governors

Governors have excellent attendance at meetings:  we always try and schedule meetings to accommodate the majority of governors including the teaching commitments of the staff.  This can mean early mornings, twilight or evening timings.



The chair of the whole governing body is approved by DNEAT.    The committees all have their own elected chairs – see the list attached.

















Key Stage 2 – years 3,4,5,6


Key stage 1 –

Years 1 and 2


Reception = Early Years or Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

The work that we have done on our committees and in the governing body

Governors are all aware of their main duties as listed in the three points above.

We have been inspected for SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) at both schools during the past academic year.  Work on the SIAMS Evaluation documents has been constantly updated and reviewed, especially by the Ethos Committee.  The inspection in December 2015 at Gillingham graded the school as ‘Outstanding’ and in April 2016, Ditchingham was graded ‘Good’.  The governors wish to ensure that both schools can be graded as ‘outstanding’ and are working with the local church benefices, diocese and staff on the ‘areas to improve’, recommended for both schools by the inspector.  The ethos of the schools and the significance of Christian values that make our schools distinctive are of huge importance to the governors.

We are particularly focusing governor training on how the new methods of marking and assessing the new curriculum (the subjects taught to the pupils) are reported to parents and pupils and how our results compare nationally.  Mathematics (Numeracy) remains a major focus for pupil progress and achievement.

The introduction of the PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) programme has been monitored by governors through classroom observation and by attending the training.  The role models and enhanced pupil attitudes to learning will continue to be evaluated alongside the three ‘core values’ introduced this year: Respect; Friendship; Creativity.

Both schools have begun the process of working with EDISON.  Governors have attended Edison training sessions and met with the providers.

The numbers at Gillingham have necessitated a third class, as mention in last year’s report.  This is now a larger cohort and a bigger teaching space is needed.  We have been lucky to secure a grant for an extension from the development fund held by DNEAT of behalf of its Academy Schools.  This is planned for completion by Christmas 2016.

The budgets are carefully reviewed regularly and approved by the LGB on recommendation of the resources committee.  Our three year budget plans for both schools balance on the basis of the pupil numbers we have forecast. Our spending is compared against schools of a similar size and income to check that we are using the money effectively and we seek explanations if there are any significant differences.  The governors regularly review how the schools’ resources are used.  We have agreed to the allocation of significant sums on IT spending to upgrade and enhance the current provision.  The Pupil Premium and Sports Premium monies are closely monitored by the resources committee to ensure they are effectively used for the enhancement of provision and improved attainment, as they are intended.  The trustees have carried out their responsibility for ensuring that effective management systems, including financial monitoring and control systems, have been put in place.  They also consider the impact of the free school meals for infants.  We watch closely for new changes in funding and the delivery of primary education as reflected by new government policy.

We search for evidence in many ways which include talking to pupils and parents as well as visiting the school residential trips and supporting or attending school day trips, events, acts of worship and productions and just generally by walking around the sites on a ‘learning walk’.

Safeguarding is given a high profile.  The governor responsible for Safeguarding gives regular reports to Governors and training is regularly undertaken.  Checks are made that all staff, governors and volunteers have the necessary information, training and appropriate policies are in place.  All school policies are approved by governors on a rolling programme and can be read on the school web sites.


Future plans for the governors

Governors are committed to the continuous improvement of teaching and learning and aim for higher standards for all of our pupils.  This involves regular attendance at training sessions and some specific monitoring relating to our SIDP (School Improvement and Development Plan) and individual governor roles.  Changes in membership this year have brought new skills and knowledge to our governance which we hope can be exploited for the advantage of all associated with our schools.








How you can contact the governing body

We always welcome suggestions, feedback and ideas from parents – please see the feedback slips on the bottom of our newsletters.   We are often available for informal chats but will always follow the correct procedures should they be necessary.  You can see the full list of governors; their attendance at meetings; minutes of governing body meetings and more information about what we do, on the Governors’ page of the school website.

Who are we?

  • Mrs J’Anne Robertson – Chair
  • Mrs Clare Seppings- Has been a governor since January 2006, starting at Gillingham. Previously taught at a local secondary school. Churchwarden at Stockton St Michael and All Angels and Stockton PCC Secretary, one of our catchment villages.
  • Reverend Reginald Kirkpatrick – Has been a governor for several years, starting at Ditchingham. Often in school leading services for the Earsham benefice.
  • Mrs Maria Adcock- Staff Governor/ SEND
  • Miss Bridget Keeble – Parent Governor – Has a son that attends Ditchingham. Has volunteered in many roles, including the guide movement. Brings knowledge of health and safety.
  • Mrs Heather Brand – Headteacher
  • Mrs Andrea Ryan – Clerk


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